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Wednesday, March 14th 2012

4:37 PM

Mica Ledges CT 3/14/12

     This was a hike on the Mattabesset Trail in CT from Cream Pot Road northeast up to Mt Pisgah, then back to the start and south to Mica Ledges.  It was 67 degrees and sunny, with a light breeze, a perfect day for hiking.  I arrived at 11:18 AM at the parking lot which is just a small oval turnaround at the end of a rural paved street.  

     The map I had from my guidebook was totally inaccurate.  It indicated that one can reach the Mattabesset trail if one hikes down to the end of the dirt road continuation of Cream Pot Road.  The trail is supposed to be where the dirt road ends.  

     Accordingly, I hiked down to the end of the dirt road and then took another dirt bridal path to my left, which was the way to go to Mt. Pisgah.   I realized this was wrong at 12:02 PM when I reached a paved road instead of the top of Mt Pisgah.  Going back to the start of the bridal path I met a local hiker who showed me where the Mattabesset Trail really was.

     Contrary to the map, the Mattabesset Trail crosses the the dirt continuation of Cream Pot Road about 0.1 mile from the start, not 0.3 miles as in the description.  Now that I was on the right trail, I went downhill and walked along Chalker Brook, where I saw quite a few Mourning Cloak butterflies.  My local hiker went off to take a different route and I ascended to the top of Mt Pisgah at 12:38 PM.  This was a gorgeous spot with spacious rock ledges, fringed with picturesque pitch pines.  To the north you could just make out Hartford in the distance.  To the west you could see Besseck Mt and other ridges, with various towns in the valleys.  A flock of crows passed overhead, soaring on the wind.  I had lunch and left at 1:12 PM.

     I then returned to Cream Pot Road and took the Mattabesset trail south, passing by a large boulder called "the Pyramid".  By 2:06 I reached the first lookout on Mica Ledges which is no great shakes compared to Mt Pisgah.  Mica Ledges is a long bumpy ridge and I had to go over two of the large bumps to get here.  After a snack of some Ritz Crackers, I turned back. 

     Dickens didn't get to come with me today because he had a cold/infection.  We took him to the vet and will have him retested next week.  If he is OK he can come hiking, but in view of his age (almost 9) and his prior surgery, he's only going to go on easy hikes with ample shade and water. 

     I was back at the start at 3 PM.  Overall this is a delightful hike.  However, on a popular weekend there might not be enough parking to hike it from this trailhead. 

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