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Sunday, May 11th 2014

2:19 PM

Adams Mtn, MA, 5/11/14

      Adams Mtn (2088') was my 500th different mountain climbed.  My watch broke during this trip but using my cell phone I figured out that it was an hour and a half coming down.  Therefore I would estimate 2 or 2.5 miles going up and visiting the side trails to both lookouts.  It was sunny, about 68 degrees, and windy at times, especially near the summits.

     When I started out I was the only one in the tiny parking area.  I met two pretty young ladies hiking out with their three dogs:  an Old English mastiff, a Siberian husky, and a nondescript skinny black dog.  After that I didn't meet any other hikers all day.  There were some gnats out but not enough to make me use my bug repellent. 

     There is a big network of trails for Pelham Lake Park and the trails are well blazed and have good signs at key intersections.  It is a good thing they are well blazed because the trails themselves were full of leaves and trout lilies and were not obvious as worn trails would be.  I first went up and over viewless Todd Mtn (1903') but I didn't step on the highest part of it because I wanted Adams Mtn to have the honor of being my 500th mountain.   When I went back by the same route I did go to the highest spot on Todd, making it my 501st mountain. 

     The trails were steep in places and the trail up Adams had been used by a person on horseback heading downhill when the trail had been wet and leaving deep holes in the trail.  Aside from the damage to the trail, this was a really stupid thing to do because the horse and rider could have been seriously injured going down such a steep trail when it was soaking wet and slippery. 

     I took the side trail to the Northwest view.  This has a very pretty view of Pelham Lake down below.  However it needs clearing because it is getting overgrown.   Also it needs a bench because there are no rocks to sit on. 

     After that I went over the summit of Adams and down to a lookout with a broad panoramic view to the south.  I could see Mt Monadnock and the ski area on Mt Institute.  I couldn't see Mt Greylock.  While I was here eating lunch and enjoying the view I saw several birds fly by, including a Blackburnian warbler, a red tailed hawk, and a sharp shinned hawk.   This is a beautiful lookout but it too could stand some clearing to improve the view.

     Going downhill I retraced my route, although there are many alternate trails one could take.  I was back at my car at 2:55 PM. 

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