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Saturday, May 12th 2012

5:13 PM

West Suffield Mtn CT 5/12/12

     This traprock ridge in Connecticut was a great place to see wildflowers.  I arrived at 12:02 PM and hiked approximately 5.5 miles round trip, heading south along the ridge and then back again.  The weather was about 75 degrees and sunny, with a pleasant breeze in places.

     Along the trail I saw wild columbine, pinksters (wild azaleas), dogwood, herb robert, pink ladyslippers, wild geraniums, quaker ladies, and Canada mayflowers.  The trail goes through a forest with many tall oaks, white pines and other trees.  There are a lot of ups and downs but nothing overly difficult.

     I reached the first lookout at 1:00 PM and had lunch.  There was an interesting view of the quarry on Manitook Mtn, which has extremely high cliffs.  While I was there a turkey vulture flew by rather close to my lookout on the ridge.  I only met two other groups of hikers.  Two young ladies who were coming back north when I was still going south told me they had seen a number of snakes, but I didn't see any. 

     There are a few other lookouts with good views.  I could see Heublein tower on Talcott Mtn off to the south.  The trail itself was pretty.  There were ruins of an old house, lots of interesting basaltic geometrical rocks, and a stone idol.  I gave the idol a hiking stick.  I hiked south across a chasm and onto an unnamed mountain that is just north of Peak Mtn. Here is where I saw all the ladyslippers.  I turned back at 2:10 PM. 

     On the way back I saw a black and white warbler.  I was back out at 4:12 PM. 

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