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Monday, May 26th 2014

4:26 PM

Bousquet MA 5/26/14

     Originally I was going to go hiking in Williamstown MA.  The National Weather service predicted zero chance of rain there today.  However, everywhere from Wilmington VT to Williamstown MA it was raining when I drove through.  I decided to continue south to get out of the rain.  Once I got out of the rain, I decided to climb Bousquet, a ski area south of Pittsfield MA.  This was a new mountain for me, my 502nd mountain climbed.

     My Dad was in the 10th Mtn Division in WWII.  For a brief time after the war he was a ski instructor at Bousquet Ski area.  Bousquet (1818')  was one of the earliest ski areas, founded in 1932.  I climbed it via the ski trails, starting at 12:45 PM.  There is a Frisbee golf course on the lower slopes and a few people were out playing golf there.  It was warm, partly cloudy and humid, but not too buggy. 

     By 1:35 I was at the top of Bousquet enjoying the great views of Mt Greylock, Pittsfield, and Lake Onota down below.  I saw that there was a trail on the ridge and I decided to head down the trail towards the next mountain on the ridge which is called Mahanna Cobble (1909').  First the trail goes down a little and then it goes back up to a viewless summit.  There may be a lookout if you go down the Vista trail from here, or if you continue on the ridge, but I just reached this high point and went back to Bousquet where I had a late lunch at 2:07 PM.  After that I pretty much went straight down and completed the hike at 3:08 PM. 

     It was fun and some day I would like to explore the ridge more and find the lookout that is mentioned online as being on Mahanna Cobble.  It is called Fred's lookout and George's lookout depending on the source. 

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