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Monday, May 27th 2013

8:37 PM

Peoples State Forest CT 5/27/13

     My friend Fred Bump and I decided to go hiking on Memorial Day in Peoples State Forest in Connecticut.  We arrived at 11:43 AM and parked in the Stone Museum parking lot.  The trail starts out through a forest of tall white pines.  It was sunny and about 68-70 degrees.  Not far from the start of the trail we came to an area of many flowing pink ladyslippers.

     Our plan was to take the blue blazed Robert Ross trail up to the Chaugham lookout.  When we got to a space marked on the map as "Gothic Window Overlook" we didn't see any overlook or any gothic windows, and I believe this overlook is completely overgrown.  After that we crossed a stream on a bridge.  Down below us the steam descended steeply in a series of waterfalls.  The falls were far too tall to get them all in one photo on the steep wooded slope.

     At 1:20 PM we came to the first lookout and had lunch.  This lookout is mostly overgrown but descending some rocks I was able to catch an interesting view of some abandoned bridge abutments in the Farmington River far below us. 

     Beyond this lookout the trail goes up steeply and in a short distance comes to a much better lookout, one that is not overgrown and has beautiful views out over the Farmington River.  Here, I saw a hawk and met four other hikers.

     Instead of retracing our steps or doing a long loop back through the woods, Fred and I decided that it would be fun to descend on the steep trail along the waterfall, and then walk along the Farmington River and see what we could see there.  The trail down along the waterfall was pretty hairy but we managed to make it down in one piece.  The Farmington River was very scenic and was really gushing fast in some spots.  We were back at my car at 4:00 PM.  This is a delightful place to hike and it was also fun seeing the exhibits in the Stone Museum.

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