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Sunday, May 6th 2012

7:00 PM

Cat Mtn NY 5/6/12

      This was a delightful 8.1 mile loop hike going over Thomas Mtn and Cat Mtn, as well as a bumpy ridge and innumerable knolls and buttresses in between.  It features gorgeous views of Lake George and a very deluxe cabin.

     I started the hike at 11:35 AM and proceeded up a woods road towards the summit of Thomas Mtn.  When I arrived the sky was overcast but it soon cleared up and became sunny.  The weather prediction for nearby Bolton Landing NY was for sunny, high of 69 degrees.  It seemed a little cooler than that on the trail, making it ideal hiking weather.  The Eastern Adirondack forest has lots of white pines, which gave some welcome shade to the trail.

     By 12:25 I arrived at the cabin atop Thomas Mtn, which has fine views of Lake George, as well as Cat Mtn off to the south and Crane Mtn off to the west.  A man named Bruce and his wife were here, with their two standard poodles, Jeff and Jake.  Also two young hikers from Albany, who later took the same loop that I did. 

     After lunch, at 12:50 PM I hoofed it down off Thomas Mtn and over a lumpy ridge to the south, as well as innumerable knolls and buttresses.  This is the Professor Monroe school of trail construction, which tries to leave no interesting rock formation untraversed.  It was really very scenic and pleasant.  At one point I saw Gore Mtn with some lingering snow on its ski trails.   I saw lots of fringed polygala, flowering blueberries, wild oats, and wild violets.  I also saw one wild columbine and two garter snakes. 

     Finally at 3:08 I arrived on the summit of Cat Mtn which has breathtaking 270 degree views of Lake George and the high mountains on the other side of it.  Oh for a wide angle lens!  It was wonderful.  Up here there was a strong cooling wind which would blow my hat off if I didn't tie it on.  The couple from Albany had arrived ahead of me and they took my picture. 

     I left at 3:36 and took the yellow trail down.  This is an old jeep road and not very scenic.  However, I did get a good closeup view of two white throated sparrows.  There is also a pretty pond with lots of frogs and newts in it.  I was back out at 5:35 PM.  Check out the photos in the "The Pylon" photo album!

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