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Tuesday, May 6th 2014

4:27 PM

Peaked Mtn MA 5/6/14

      This was my second hike of 2014 and my 499th different mountain climbed.  I drove to Monson MA and arrived at the parking lot at 12:40 PM.  Since it was raining, I had lunch in the car and waited to see if the rain would stop.  Two hikers came down and left.  Three hikers arrived.  The rain stopped and we set out on the trail at 1:00 PM.

     Peaked Mtn is 1227 feet high and is obviously very popular because the trail was wide and well worn.  I hiked it on a Tuesday which was a good move because there were only three other hikers out on the trail which made it uncrowded.  The night before, the weather forecast was 20% chance of rain and about 60 degrees and partly cloudy.  After the rain stopped, the sky gradually cleared, but some dark clouds remained in various spots.  It was about 58 in the shade but when the sun came out it warmed up into the low 60's.

     The trail makes a loop, and I did it clockwise.  First I went to the summit and enjoyed the views.  A flowering bush was here that looked like some kind of rhododendron.  The viburnum was just starting to flower in spots.  I proceeded on the trail which goes past a series of ledges.  There is a long stretch through a stand of nonflowering mountain laurel, then it comes to a lookout called Valley View.  From here I could see the city of Springfield MA off in the distance.  I was back at my car at 2:40 PM. 

     This was a very enjoyable short hike, a good tune up to help whip me into shape after a long winter. 

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