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Sunday, June 1st 2014

4:16 PM

Haystack VT 6/1/14

      There are many Haystack Mountains.  This one is in Pawlet VT and I had climbed it last year.  My idea for today was that my friend Gary and I would climb Haystack and then see if we could find our way to the summit of nearby Middle Mtn which also has some nice cliffs on it.

     Gary and I started our hike at 9:57 AM on a sunny, bright day with temperatures around 74 degrees and a few occasional light breezes.  We met a number of other hikers today including a stout dog named Guinness and another dog named Gatsby.  On the way in were a number of flowering plants such as celandine and wild columbine.  The trail at first went by a farm with fenced in bulls and a big pile of manure.  Then it came to a turn off into a pretty forest with tall maples, oaks, beeches and pines.  Climbing the mountain is harder than it looks from the road because the trail goes far down to a stream crossing and then reascends. 

     By 11:35 AM we were at the top and had lunch.  Here there are outstanding panoramic views of the Mettawee valley, Pico and Killington, the town of Granville and mountains in the distance in New York.  There were a few other hikers on the summit when we got there but they soon left.  A young lady with a Boston terrier came up and talked with us briefly, then a group of one young man and three young ladies.  They all left and we had the top to ourselves for a while.  We started down at 12:06 PM. 

     Looking for a trail to Middle Mtn we bushwhacked into the col, where the land looks like there is an overgrown carriage or wood road.  We descended heading west to get past the cliffs, then went north on a very narrow trail, possibly a deer trail.  We could have bushwhacked up to the Middle Mtn summit from here, but we were concerned that it would be hard to find our way back; hence we gave up this idea.  Some day with a GPS it would be more feasible.  We were back out at 2:12 PM.   A great early season warm up hike. 

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