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Sunday, June 22nd 2014

6:36 PM

Mt Cube NH 6/22/14

     I climbed Mt Cube in 2001 but that was before they put in the Cross Rivendell trail.  The old trail went straight up and past a burned out shelter.  The new trail has a long switchback and passes by two new lookouts.  It is much improved.  The summit is much different, too.  You used to have a better view of Lake Morlee, which is now partly blocked, but the overall panorama today seemed much wider and better than in 2001. 

     I started late at 12:41 PM on the Cross Rivendell trail, which is 2 miles up to the 2909 foot summit.   On the way up I met a number of hikers and well behaved hiking dogs.  There were flowering bunchberries and one pink ladyslipper.  It was partly sunny and about 73 degrees.  The bugs were not a significant problem.  The lower part of the trail goes through potentially wet areas but since we had a week of dry weather, the mud was all dried up.  The map shows the first lookout at the turning point of the big switchback, but actually it is a way beyond that.

     By 2:52 PM I was at the top, soaking in the view.  I could see Smarts Mtn, Mt Ascutney, Killington, Pico, and Sunday Mtn.  There were five mountains off in a row but I can't figure out their names.  I could see a big of the Connecticut River down below.  While I was on the top I met an AT thru hiker from San Diego with the trail name of "Acorn."  He had been hiking with a guy named Cras but unfortunately Cras had fallen behind and Acorn was hoping he would soon catch up.  They planned to post their adventures online after the thru hike on a blog called, "The Crazy Adventures of Acorn and Cras."  I wandered around the summit a bit and it seemed that some spots had become overgrown since my list visit in 2001.  At one point I was able to catch a glimpse of Mt Moosilauke.   I left the summit at 3:35 PM. 

     On the way down I found a small cave in a big boulder that I dubbed "Whale Rock."  In my photo you can see the eyes of a critter looking out of the cave.   I was back at my car at 5:52 PM.  This is a very enjoyable area for a moderately difficult hike. 



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