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Sunday, June 9th 2013

4:57 PM

Haystack Mtn VT 6/9/13

      This is a fairly easy 3445' high mountain in Wilmington, VT.  I've climbed it three times before, but not recently.  Friday we had torrential rains, and Wilmington also had rain on Saturday.  Therefore when I climbed Haystack on Sunday there were some tricky wet spots to get past.

     When I started at 11:52 there were six other cars parked there.  I didn't meet anyone until I was more than half way along.  Two young ladies coming down warned me of the wet spots ahead.  It was a kind of game to get around these areas without getting wet, which I managed pretty well, having had a lot of experience doing it.  I was surprised that I didn't see any red efts on the wet trail.  I did see some star flowers, clintonia and starry false Solomon's seal.  The higher I got, the more I met people coming down off the summit. 

     Finally at 1:34 PM I reached the summit, where there was a single French Canadian family finishing lunch.  They were very friendly and we talked for a while before they left.  After them, another family came up and I spoke with them, too.

     The ledges face east with a sweeping view out towards Mt Monadnock.  The weathermen had said today would be mostly sunny but I think it was more like partly sunny to mostly cloudy.  Down below the ledges you could see about half of Haystack Pond.  Looking north through the trees you could get a glimpse of the summit of Mt Snow.  I found the obscure side path to a small lookout south, where I had a nice view of Harriman Reservoir snaking through the hills south of Wilmington. 

     I left the top at 2:17 PM and met a number of hikers coming up as I descended.  I stopped at a stone culvert near a stream and had a snack of Vanilla Wafers.  I was back out at 4:10 PM.   I wouldn't recommend this trail in wet conditions, such as I had today, but all the same I had fun and the views were worth it.  It was a good chance to get some exercise and whip myself into shape for some harder hikes that are planned for later this year.

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