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Friday, July 11th 2014

7:38 PM

Bromley Mtn VT 7/11/14

     I'm a big fan of Bromley Mtn (3260') and have climbed it several times.  Today I thought it would be a good chance to get some exercise and continue whipping myself into shape so that I can climb Gothics in the Adirondacks with my friend later this month, weather permitting. 

     When I started at the Mad Tom parking lot at 11:40 AM, I was surprised to see six other cars, because this was a weekday and most people climb Bromley from the south.  However, I think climbing it from the north it the best way because there is less elevation gain and you don't have to go on a ski trail. 

     Along the way I met a pretty female AT thru hiker with the trail name of Five Star.  After that I met a couple of Long Trail thru hikers, including Emmet with his friendly young dog May Lynne.  The trail was a little muddy in spots but not too bad.  I saw some nice artist conks and some other mushrooms.  By 1:05 PM I reached the top of the lower north peak of Bromley where there is a good boulder to rest on.   Twenty years ago you could see the top of Bromley from this point, but now the trees have grown up and you can't.  There is also no trace left of the former Mad Tom Notch shelter; the side trail that used to lead to it is so overgrown you can't see where it once was.

     At 1:37 PM I emerged onto the sunny, open summit area.  In 2012 the observation tower here was removed, but you can still see all around by moving to different vantage points on the top.  There are wonderful views here of Killington, Styles, Equinox, Aeolus, Stratton, Magic Mtn, and Mt Monadnock.  You can also see the valley that Manchester is situated in.  While I was up here I met a bearded AT thru hiker whose trail name is Reset.  He went and sat in the comfortable chair of the chairlift and spoke with some other hikers.  He had been tenting in some of our recent thunderstorms and was glad to have some dry weather finally. 

     I left the summit at 2:33 PM and was back out at the car at 4:24 PM.  Bromley is a great hike and it's a bonus that it isn't a long drive from where I live.

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