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Wednesday, July 27th 2011

7:58 PM

Round to Frissell to Brace 7/27/11

     (This is a guest blog from Bruce while Dickens is recovering from his surgery).

     The unique thing about this hike is that it went over Round Mtn CT, then over Mt Frissell MA, then to the summit of Brace Mtn NY, covering three states and three mountains in one hike.  It would have been better as a traverse starting in CT and ending in NY, but I did it as a single hike and had to go back over the same mountains I had climbed on the way in. 

     I started at 11 AM and headed up Round Mtn.  This mountain is not high but the trail is extremely steep.  Round Mtn is 2296 feet, Mt Frissell is 2454 feet, and Brace Mtn is 2311 feet.  The trees on Round are rather low and there are many fine rocky lookouts. 

     Formerly Mt Frissell had a reputation for not having many views, but that is no longer the case now.  There are plenty of good lookouts on this mountain.  The slope of the mountain has an interesting marker for the highest spot in Connecticut.  On the way to Brace I met a woman hiking with a boy, I assume her son, who was coming back from the ridge to Brace.  A resident of Minnesota, she had hiked this trail on purpose to reach the high point of Connecticut. 

     Brace Mtn was quite beatiful and very pleasantly windy.  The Catskills in the distance were overshadowed in clouds, as they were when I climbed Alander Mtn to the north of Brace.  Like Alander, this trail has tons of mountain laurel but it was too late in the season and it was not flowering on this hike.   The trail also has a lot of blueberries.  I reached the top of Brace at 1:55 PM and had lunch.

     On all three mountains I saw a lot of swallows.  A couple of them were barn swallows but the rest seemed to be northern rough winged swallows.  I also saw what I think was a rough legged hawk.  I heard some pretty birdsongs but was unable to spot the songsters. 

     All in all it was a delightful hike.  I wouldn't recommend it for dogs because it has no water sources.  For this reason it was a good hike to do while Dickens is out of commission recovering from his surgery.  I was back out at 4:57 PM.

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