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Saturday, July 5th 2014

7:42 PM

Hadley Mtn NY 7/5/14

     Hadley Mtn is a 2675 foot mountain in the Southern Adirondacks that Carol and I climbed in October, 1998.  Because there was a hurricane offshore and July 3 and 4 were very rainy, especially near to the coast, I thought Hadley Mtn would be a good, dry place to go hiking.  About a third of the trail consists of walking on bedrock, and the rest of the trail is steep and well drained.   The weather was excellent:  about 73 degrees, fairly sunny, and very windy.  The wind came and went but was especially gusty near the summit.

     When I arrived at 11:50 AM there were 50 cars parked in the parking area and along the road.  I met many hikers coming down.  There were a lot of families.  Many people had well behaved dogs on leashes.  I never one of these dogs bark the entire day.  I passed three groups on the way up, and a few groups passed me.  The trail was fairly dry and it was not buggy.  I passed some interesting boulders and some rowan trees with berries.  There was an area with rampant polyganum multiflorum, a Chinese vine I have also seen on Bald Mtn in Mendon Vt.  Just before the top I stopped to see the old abandoned fire warden's cabin, which had a porch with a couple of chairs on it.

     By 1:32 I reached the top and had lunch.  After that I went up the firetower as high as you could go, the top area being locked.  There were great views of Lake Sacandaga and I think the largest mountain nearby was Crane Mtn.  I couldn't figure out what the other mountains were.  The wind shook the fire tower in tremendous gusts. 

     At 2:10 PM I started down, taking my time.  I was back out at 4:03 PM.  The hike is short and steep, about 1500 feet up.  It's really a very enjoyable, scenic hike and the main reason why I have only climbed it twice is because it is a bit of a drive to get to and not all that easy to find.  But the hike is well worth it. 

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