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Saturday, August 10th 2013

6:47 PM

Snow Mtn NY 8/10/13

When I climbed Rooster Comb from the south on 8/1/07 with Dickens and Fenster, it was a very hot day.   Although we were near Snow Mtn, I decided against climbing that too, because I didn't want to overheat the dogs. This was my chance today to go back and see what I missed.

When I arrived at the parking lot for the northern trail that goes to Rooster Comb as well as Snow Mtn, it was full of cars, but most people seemed to be heading for Rooster Comb or even further to Hedgehog and Wolf Jaw.  I started at 10:04 AM and soon met a young lady from Saratoga who was hiking with her two dogs, Cali and Lula.  Cali was a friendly brindle boxer and Lula looked like a small golden retriever type of dog.  But she just hiked up a ways and then came back down. 

The trail was damp from heavy rains the day before.  There were a couple of tricky stream crossings.  By 11:28 AM I reached the junction to turn to climb Snow Mtn.  Here the trail became rocky and steep.  When I reached the southeast ledges (where the best views are) at 12:14 PM, I was the only one there. 

On these spacious ledges one can get marvellous views of Giant Mtn, Round Mtn, Noonmark, Dix and Dial.  I started to have lunch and pretty soon one group of hikers after another came up to enjoy the view.  After lunch I explored the summit and found some pretty Virginia blue bells flowering right near the highest point.  From the trail up to the summit there are great views of Rooster Comb and I could see people on those ledges.  I could also see Porter and Little Porter.  Snow Mtn is 2360 feet and Rooster Comb is 2788 feet.  Rooster Comb has some nice views of Hurricane Mtn and points north that Snow Mtn lacks, but Snow Mtn has such a great view of Noonmark that I think Snow Mtn was the more scenic of the two.  In between Round Mtn and Giant is the pass that Route 73 goes through and I could see mountains in the far distance that were undoubtedly mountains in Vermont, possibly Killington.

I left the top at 1:15 PM and arrived back at my car at 3:11 PM.  It was a wonderfully scenic hike.  The trail is good and fairly easy.  Sometimes views up are more dramatic and impressive than views down.

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