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Saturday, August 17th 2013

6:42 PM

Patterson Mtn VT 8/17/13

      The Cross Rivendell trail starts on Flagpole Hill in Vershire, VT, and continues on to Mt Cube NH.  Today I climbed Flagpole Hill (2225') and then Patterson Mtn (2290') in Vermont.  Flagpole Hill was 2.4 miles round trip and Patterson was 1.2 miles round trip, but it was a much steeper trail. 

     I started hiking at 12:18 PM.  Along the way I met two women who had two dogs accompanying them.  The big black dog was named Vader and the brown dog was Jessie.  I arrived at the summit of Flagpole Mtn at 12:56 PM and had lunch near the flagpole.  The views are all blocked by trees except for Mt Moosilauke which is so big it towers above the trees.  They need a fire tower or viewing platform here.  Otherwise there is little point in climbing this peak.  The trail is very overgrown in places. 

     After coming down off Flagpole Hill, I drove around to the east of Patterson Mtn and started climbing that one at 2:25 PM.  There was a large patch of flowering wild geraniums near the trail.  When I got to the lookout at 3 PM I was amazed at the beautiful panorama.  You could see many major mountains east in NH, including Lafayette, Lincoln, Liberty, Flume, Mt Moosilauke, Mt Cube, Smarts Mtn, and Mt Cardigan.  This main lookout is somewhat below the summit.  Since there were no trails to the true summit, I bushwhacked up there.  However, there was nothing of note up there.  I did see one small slug.  I went back to the main lookout and enjoyed the view some more, having a snack of crackers.  There is a memorial stone there for a McDonald Halsey.  I was back out at 4:50 PM.

     Patterson Mtn makes a good short hike.  It would also form part of a nice traverse from the Flagpole Hill parking area to the Patterson Mtn parking area, a total of 3.9 miles.    Unless they install a fire tower or viewing platform, there is no incentive for anyone to climb Flagpole Hill.

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