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Sunday, September 2nd 2012

6:30 PM

Moxham Mtn NY 9/2/12

     This is a new trail which was created August 2012.  Moxham is a 2,464 foot mountain with great cliffs and wonderful views of Gore Mtn, Crane Mtn, Snowy Mtn, Wakely Mtn, and some nearby ponds and beaver meadows.  I found out about Moxham by looking at the NY DEP website. 

     I started the hike at 9:43 AM when there were two other cars in the small parking area.  I met these other hikers as they were coming down off the summit.  One was a person who owns a second home/cabin in Minerva.  Like others, he had previously bushwhacked to the summit and was glad that now there is a new trail.

     I reached the summit at 11:40 AM and had lunch.  There were a number of dragonflies in the area.  I enjoyed the views and took a lot of photos which are in the Pythagorean photo album.  After I left the top at 12:20 PM, I met a group of hikers coming up who had just seen a mama bear and two cubs crossing a marshy area down below.  I waited for ten minutes to see if they would come out of the woods into a second marshy area, but since they didn't I just continued my hike. 

     This should prove to be a very popular hike when it gets better known.  There are two stream crossings about half way up which can provide water for dogs.  As I decended I met a number of other hikers coming uphill.  One group had two Golden Retrievers named Cooper and Peebo.  Some things I observed on the trail were yellow coral mushrooms, a woodpecker, a toad, a tree frog, and two garter snakes.  Birds were conspicuous by their absence and I suppose many have started south already.  There were many really tall maples in the forest and one stand of tall red pines.  I was back out at 2:46 PM.  At that point there were seven cars near the trailhead.  Since this is such a pretty trail, I suspect that at some point they might want to increase the parking area if possible. 

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