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Friday, September 21st 2012

7:01 PM

Mt Eisenhower NH 9/21/12

     Gary Kling and I decided to climb Mt Eisenhower (4760') by the Edmands Path.  I had climbed it in 2004 but this was Gary's first ascent.  We were going to climb it a couple of years ago after we climbed Pierce, but it was covered in clouds that day and we decided to just do Pierce and go back.

     Eisenhower is one of my favorite mountains because the trail is interesting and beautiful and the views from the top are just magnificent.  We started our hike at 8:30 AM when it was quite chilly (it was only 40 degrees when I drove through Littleton on the way up, but by the time we started it had warmed up a bit).  I was surprised that the trail was drenched because it was a dry year and I didn't know of any recent big storms.  However, when I climbed the mountain in 2004, I did it the day after a heavy rainstorm, and today in 2012 the mountain was much wetter than in 2004.  They must have had a pretty big storm here recently, maybe a local thunderstorm. 

     On the way up we discovered a very interesting tree lichen. (See the Pythagorean photo album).  The trail was harder than normal because it was so wet, but we made good time and arrived on the summit at 12:12 PM, just in time for lunch.  The rocks that were out in the sun thankfully were dry.  The views all around the summit were wonderful, especially the views of Mt Jefferson, Mt Washington, and Mt Monroe (all of which I have climbed).  Out to the east there were clouds, and far out to the west there were clouds, but where we were was mostly sunny.  It was pleasant, in the 60's, but after we were up on the summit for a while it began to get very windy. 

     We met a few friendly hikers on our journey, including a person on the summit who had been a tour guide on the USS Intrepid in New York City.  Two young ladies who hiked by us were laughing up a storm and obviously having a riotously jolly time.  Gary and I also had fun, if a bit less hilarious.  We were back out at 4:17 PM, after which we had supper at a fashionable restaurant before heading home. 

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