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Thursday, October 18th 2012

5:48 PM

Mt Monadnock traverse 10/18/12

     To view the fall foliage while there was still time, my friend Jim Rodgers and I traversed Mt Monadnock NH from south to north.  We started at 9:30 AM from the Gap Mountain parking lot, then hiked north on the Metacomet-Monadnock trail, reaching the summit (3165') by way of Monte Rosa. 

     It was a gorgeous sunny day with high temperatures of about 62.  As usual, it was very windy on the top.  We met no one on the Metacomet trail, but there were at least 150 hikers enjoying the summit when we arrived at 12:48 PM.  We decided to press on and had lunch in a nonwindy valley on the Pumpelly trail. 

     The views all around were gorgeous, with lots of great fall foliage.  The lakes were very bright blue.  There were a number of crows flying around near the summit, and we also heard some chickadees and caught a glimpse of a bird resembling a vireo.  We finished the trek at Dublin Lake at 4:51 PM.  Overall it was about 7.5 miles.  Photos are in the Pythiad album.

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